If the shoe fits…

I’ve been getting a lot of feedback from friends lately regarding the fit of the Nano 3.0’s.  One male friend that normally wears a 9.5 in Nano 2.0’s says 9’s in Nano 3.0’s fits him perfectly, whereas a female friend said that hers fit too large (She normally wears a 7.5 and her 3.0’s are 7.5.).  If you read my earlier posts on Nano 3.0’s, you’ll know that my right shoe (sz 9) had been fitting a little too tight.  Well, I just said f’ it all and I’m selling my pair and I have a pair in 9.5 coming to me.  In the meantime, I tried on a friend’s 2.0’s in 9.5 and there wasn’t THAT much difference in size compared to my 9’s.

I have no clue what the hell is going on with the shoe sizing now.  Come Friday, I’ll have an update on how the 9.5’s fit me.  Until then, feel free to leave comments regarding how your shoes are fitting you.  I’d like to know where others stand in this debacle.

UPDATE (7/11 Happy Slurpee Day!):


Finally, the shoe is comfortable and feels “as it should” on my foot.  While the 9 felt just right on me, when I would walk, my foot splay would crush my toes into the front.  On these 9.5’s, there’s a little room in the toe box, but when I walk, my toes come close to the front but don’t jam anymore (pun intended).  They feel GREAT, the shoe is super comfortable now.  As for the color, well…Crossfitters wear some really douchey stuff, right?  I’ll fit in just fine with this colorway.

So…as far as SIZING goes;  If Nano 2.0’s and U-Forms fit you PERFECT (meaning your toes are at the front of the shoes when you walk), size up for Nano 3.0’s!  The toe box is less forgiving on these shoes.

That’s it.  No more Nano 3.0 talk, unless someone is paying me or giving me free shoes.

 photo DSCF7004_zps7ddd41e7.jpg


It’s Official

 photo DSC00410_zps029b1c91.jpg

They’re officially out now. Black/red looks good…better in person as did the grey/orange.  Thinking about swapping laces to red though…that is if I decide to even keep them.

A few more weightlifting notes:

  •  Went up to my 90% clean, no stability issues to report.  Power delivery was so good, I didn’t bother putting my oly shoes on.
  • Jerks felt good, foot movement was quick.  Still had a problem turning that back foot in, but that’s probably just my technique since that’s how it is for me with all shoes.
  • Back squatted bare up to my 3RM (345#) in these.  No issues that you wouldn’t find squatting in other sneakers with squishy soles.
  • Toe box still hasn’t loosened up.  My right foot gets cramped, but still it’s just my right so it’s probably me.  The original two Nano’s just fit better for me.

Review: Setwear Fitness Belt

“S***, heavy deadlifts and muscle-up’s in this WoD! Belt or no belt? My back is going to be fried without a belt but I don’t want to have to keep taking it off when I do muscle-up’s.”

I know this kind of dilemma has gone through your head with any WoD where you’re doing heavy deadlifts or putting a lot of weight over your head rapidly, but there’s some kind of gymnastic movement in there that you don’t want to have a cumbersome belt on for.  I have, plenty of times.  While most weightlifting belts are designed to give you lower back support, most aren’t designed for the crossfit athlete in mind.  Thick leather belts are great when you want to hit PR’s on slower lifting, but just get in the way or weigh you down when you’re trying to do a round of handstand push-ups.  That’s where the Setwear Fitness belt differentiates itself from the rest of the pack.  Now you can keep the support you need for those heavy lifts all while being able to loosen the belt for your gymnastic movements in one quick pull.

 photo IMG_2407_zps2f08d0c7.jpg
Setwear Fitness belt


This seemingly no “frills” looking belt actually comes packed with some great features.  3d Lumbar support means that there’s no guesswork when you’re putting the belt on.  Just find the groove of your lumbar and tighten up.  Tightening and locking into place is a cinch as you loop the velcro strap through a heavy duty roller buckle.  As a male crossfitter, my shirt never stays on during a workout.  I’ve used this belt plenty of times shirtless, and the fabric it’s made of breathes very well.  I wouldn’t say you’d forget it’s there, but never does it become an annoyance.  My belt has been through dozens of WoD’s now and the nylon still looks brand new.  The real kicker here is the “Boa speed dial”.  All you have to do is crank it to make micro adjustments  to the belt while it’s on and pull it out to reset it back to where you originally had it.  No more having to take your belt off to readjust the tightness.  Comes in two sizes, I’m a men’s size 30″ waist and the small/medium (24″-36″, Large-XL = 34″-42″) fits me perfectly.

 photo DSC00402_zpsac8d40a1.jpg
3D Lumbar Support


Any form of protection is great in my book.  You always want to keep yourself as safe as possible!  Even better when you can stay safe while not having to compromise your movements.  This belt fares great whether you’re deep in a metcon to just oly lifting alike.  I probably wouldn’t give up my thicker leather Rogue belt meant strictly for powerlifting, but I wouldn’t hesitate to use my Setwear belt for the same lifting either.  As mentioned above, you can use this belt without any issues with or without a shirt on (obviously a big deal to me).  The Boa dial design is damn near revolutionary though.  I wish I thought of that.  I don’t know if anyone tried Regionals work-out 5 (21-15-9 315# Deadlifts &30″ box jumps), but if I didn’t have this belt, I probably wouldn’t have used a belt at all…and I’d probably still have a sore back.  Lucky for my back, I did.  Being able to find the right tightness for the deadlifts and being able to reset to a looser setting for the box jumps was done effortlessly without sacrificing too much time (shirtless, if you missed that).

 photo DSC00404_zps18238319.jpg
Boa Speed Dial


$49.95 on Setwear’s website (http://www.setwearfitness.com).  You can also buy one B&M style at Crossfit RepScheme for the same price.  That’s a little price to pay for the last weightlifting belt you’ll ever need.

 photo DSC00406_zps6566415d.jpg
Rogue Econ Belt v.s. Setwear Fitness Belt

I honestly don’t have anything negative to say about the Setwear Fitness belt.  It’s everything you want in a belt and nothing you don’t.  Maybe more colors?  (I’ve actually heard something about this through the grapevine.)  Do your back a favor, protect it with the Setwear Fitness belt.

If you’re looking to purchase a SetWear belt, please use this banner to link yourself to the website! I do these reviews for free, so let my hard work be rewarded! Thanks!



Review: Reebok Crossfit Nano 3.0

I’m not going to go into a lengthy intro piece to give you the history of Nano’s or anything.  You probably know all that stuff anyways.  Go read my initial impressions for the fluff.  Let’s just get down to business.

Nano 3.0’s, like the previous iterations, are the best crossfit shoe you can buy.  Some people might have preferences towards the original U-Form or 2.0’s, and that’s fine.  I don’t believe that Reebok would release a shoe that was inferior to their former models though.  That being said, all you U-Form lovers might be disappointed to hear that the 3.0’s feel a lot more like the 2.0’s.  Luckily for you, it doesn’t seem like Reebok’s discontinuing the U-Form’s anytime soon, as they just released a slew of new colors (or the 2.0’s for that matter).


This is going to be subjective.  When I first saw the design and color combinations of the 3.0’s, I was hardly impressed.  I could live without all the crossfit wording on the inner part of the shoe, but I guess it’s functional as it acts as a guard for rope climbs.  The colors for right now are okay, I have the grey/orange, but I would’ve rather gotten the red/black initially if I could have.  The green/blue is awful IMO, the only people that would wear something like that are probably people that are buying them for their ridiculousness.   Hopefully they release custom colors soon, or at least some new combinations.  I do like the “Duracage” construction,  not just for extra durability, but also because it makes it harder to get the shoes dirty.  Most smudges have been pretty easy to just wipe off using my fingers.  Not a big fan of the obnoxiously HUGE logo on the rear of the shoe, it looks cheapo compared to the U-Form’s patch logo.  (WTF is with the CF74 and S55 logos?)

 photo 20130629_173652_zpscae99e2a.jpg
Ropepro and Duracage


Honestly, there’s not a whole lot to comment on here.   The 3.0’s are more like an evolution of the 2.0’s rather than a revolution.  It’s still the one shoe that you can competently perform all the movements in crossfit in.  If I was unsure of what I had to do on a given day, I would bring these…or 2.0’s…or U-Form’s.  Don’t expect a miracle shoe that’s going to enable you to get muscle-up’s or clean 300lbs.  As far as weight goes, these fit in the middle (9.4oz) between the 2.0’s (9.2oz) and U-Form’s (9.5oz).  Stability remains the same, if not a little better than the 2.0’s; more reminiscent of the U-Form’s.  The Duracage construction is extremely flexible despite it’s more heavy duty feeling.  That toebox is legit, I wouldn’t worry about jamming your toes on anything with these shoes.  Haven’t climbed a rope yet (probably going to prolong that as far as possible), but the “Ropepro” notches should help in keeping that rope secured. Running?  Well, let’s just say that if you want a cushy running shoe, get the Speeds.  It feels mostly the same with these shoes.  Arguably the best shoe line-up for crossfit remains the at the top, doing everything well but nothing stellar. But hey, that’s crossfit right?


Upper feels exactly like the 2.0’s while the soles feel like a cross between the U-Forms and 2.0’s.  If you read my initial comments about the shoe, I said something about my right 2nd toe jamming into the front of the shoe while I ran.  Well, nothing has changed.  My best guess is because the front of the shoe is covered with the Duracage and is extremely stiff, whereas there was no toe protection on the U-Forms and the original Duracage toe cover on the 2.0’s wasn’t nearly as rigid as this one is.  I wouldn’t recommend sizing a full half size up, my feet are probably just weird, get your normal Nano size.


At $119.99, the 3.0’s are still up there in price.  You can do the same things in 2.0’s, but they’re cheaper. U-Form’s are the same price as 3.0’s, which I still don’t get but to each their own.  If you don’t own a pair of Nano’s, you might as well just get the 3.0’s if you’re willing to shell out full price.  You can usually find discontinued colors of 2.0’s online or at the Reebok outlet for significantly less than retail though.  (All you CF-L1’s better get up on that Reebokone.com!)


It might not sound like I’m enthralled with these shoes but really, they’re great.  I’m just trying to give you the most honest review about them; no one’s paying me for this or giving me free stuff here.  They’re a rock solid performer, but they don’t do anything especially better than any of the previous iterations or give you superhuman strength and agility.  Durability is hard to comment on because I’ve only had these for about 3 days now, but I’m going to give the 3.0’s the nod there due to the Duracage construction.  If you’re late jumping on the Nano bandwagon, you might as well get these.  If you don’t even have a crossfit specific shoe, you should probably get these.  If you’re looking to buy just one pair of shoes for crossfit, get these.  If you were looking for a totally different shoe than what you’re used to with Nano’s, get the Speeds (which have seemed to have magically disappear from the Reebok site). If you find a great deal on the older models, just get those…You won’t be missing out on too much functionality wise.
 photo DSC00393_zps7f3878a9.jpg
 photo DSC00395_zps11dcee5a.jpg
 photo DSC00397_zps69f30c2d.jpg

First Impressions: Reebok Crossfit Nano 3.0

Alright, I know you’re all dying to hear about what I have to say about the new Reebok Crossfit Nano 3.0’s.  I’m going to hold off on doing an in-depth review of these shoes until I’ve gone through a few WOD’s with them though.  All I did today was walk around, do a few double unders and coach.  I’m pretty damn tired right now, so if my writing is lackluster…sorry.

Initial impressions:

    • Upon inserting my feet into these shoes, I was greeted with the feeling of familiarity.  If you’ve owned both of the original two Nano’s (not the Speeds), you’ll feel right at home.  I almost want to say that they feel like a mixture of the two.  The upper, plush like 2.0’s and the soles a tad bit more firm like the U-Form’s.  (Update: Much more padding than U-Form’s, similar padding to 2.0’s.  Don’t really feel that 4mm drop at all either.)
    • These things are attention grabbers.  Then again, they don’t come out for another week and I have them already.  I wasn’t so sure about the Grey/Orange color combo, but it looks great in person.  Wish they came with black laces though, probably going to swap some on.
 photo IMG_40121_zps4e23d4d7.jpg
Black or Grey laces?
  • Having not done a workout in them, I can’t really say how they perform…but like I said…They feel very similar to the past shoes.  More so like the 2.0’s as far as moving around in them goes.  The base feels wide and solid, unlike the more narrow Speeds.  I don’t think running in them is going to be any different than the first two Nano’s.  Possibly even worse, because these are slightly stiffer feeling at the toe box. The whole toe box area feels like hard plastic (it’s tough, I wouldn’t worry about smacking your toes during DU’s).  Maybe I just need to break them in.
  • My old Nano’s fit perfectly at sz. 9. These are sz. 9 as well, but feel a little smaller length wise.  My middle toes keep jamming into the front of the shoe.  Sizing up half a size though sounds like it would be too much though.
  • They feel a tad lighter? I need to go hold all the shoes up at the same time…but my first thought when I picked these up was that they were lighter.  (Update: 3.0=9.4oz, 2.0=9.2oz, U-Form=9.5oz, Speed=9.9oz)

That’s pretty much all I have on the shoes at the moment.  Like I said, I haven’t really done too much in them yet so I can’t give a fair assessment right now.  As I stated before, Nano 2.0’s are quite possibly my favorite shoes ever.  These are going to have to be all kinds of awesome to knock those off the pedestal, but they’re off to a pretty good start.  I just hope they get looser, my freaking toe is killing me.

 photo DSC_1418_zps212cd256.jpg
 photo DSC_1419_zps89c9e221.jpg
 photo DSC_1420_zpsbfb40cd3.jpg
 photo DSC_1421_zpsa4933763.jpg

 photo DSC_1417_zpsa1b8cecc.jpg