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Adidas Power Perfect 3 Review

My very first pair of “weightlifting” shoes were the original Powerlift Trainer’s. At the time, there wasn’t as many options as there are now and I ended up paying something like $120 for those shoes. Since then they’ve dropped a fair amount in price and still have a pretty good following for being an entry […]

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Getting MIS-FIT! 2018 Open Prep VLOG!

First part of my VLOG is up! This week we swapped over from Comptrain to Mis-Fit, mainly just to change things up; there was nothing wrong with Comptrain! I always wanted to try Mis-Fit out, but a lot of the bitch work scared me, but I know that’s what I need so I’m just going […]

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Crossfit/Training Shoes, Shoe Reviews

Inov-8 F-Lite 275 Review

When it comes to training shoes, Inov-8 might just be one of the most innovative shoe manufacturers in the game right now. We all know them for their classic 195’s, the first unofficial “cross-fitness” shoe, but since then Inov-8 has come out with new things almost every year to try to change the game. Whether […]

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Gainzzz w/ Elivate HYPERTROPHY

Bulking season. Winter is that time of the year where it’s really easy to bulk – we all do it without even giving it a second thought anyways. I mean really, how could you resist? With all the cookies and other assorted baked goods going around, it’s neigh impossible to not find yourself in a […]

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